Communication and Influence

Communication and Influence

Tony Frank and John 1

VIP Program

Here is part 1 of my video lesson for Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and John Reece discussing success: Download The Text For This Video Lesson, Click The Red Folder:   Try my advanced VIP Program for $1.  Click to learn more: I hope you enjoyed this Video Newsletter! Have a great day! You can also… Read more »

Emotion Secrets

3 Secrets To Using Emotion To Learn Faster Download The TEXT for this Webinar: Download The Text: Click Here To Download I look forward to your comments– these are important to me because I love hearing from my students.  I love you all!  I hope you enjoyed this video. [Note- Because we have an anti-spam… Read more »

The Best Investment

What is the very best investment?  Which investment guarantees the highest ROI (Return On Investment)?   Given the worsening economic conditions in the world, this is an extremely important question. The experts, of course, constantly change their advice.   Many proclaimed that the stock market was the best investment–  providing the best returns over time.  They recommended… Read more »

Learning Keeps You Competitive

The economic situation in the world right now is very scary.   People are losing their jobs.  Companies are struggling.  Fear and worry are running rampant. So what can we do?  How can we protect our careers?  How can we ensure that we continue to protect ourselves and our families financially? In my opinion, learning is… Read more »


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English is my favorite language over all, I’ve always loved to learn it and I’ve tried to do it since I was a little girl in my first grade school…. Read more »



I studied at a school in my Country where most of the time I was forced to speak Italian and the rest of the time to do boring written exercises… Read more »

Massimiliano Ratti

The Effortless English is the best English learning program I ever seen in my life

It is my pleasure to share with you reasons why I think that the program is the best. – It doesn’t aim only to teach English but also to purpose… Read more »

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