Speaking Fluency

Speaking Fluency

Learn Real English Conversations

English conversation is quite different from English reading. Conversation uses a different type of English, including different vocabulary. So why do you need to understand conversational English? In order to understand the English that native speakers use to communicate with one another. You need to learn the English that Americans use with their friends, their… Read more »

Culture and English Speaking Webinar

Culture and English Speaking Webinar

https://youtu.be/cGYLr5Ej1tI Join this webinar.  Learn why you must understand culture to speak English fluently and correctly.  In this webinar, AJ teaches you how to learn English and how to learn American culture at the same time.   This is a powerful method that is also more enjoyable. In this webinar you learn the powerful Effortless English… Read more »

English Audiobooks, Books, and Textbooks

English Audiobooks, Books, and Textbooks

English audiobooks are a great tool for improving your English!  English textbooks are boring. So what should you read and how– in order to improve your vocabulary, speaking, and pronunciation faster?  In this video, AJ Hoge tells you which books to read and how to use audiobooks for the fastest improvement. Textbooks have many problems. … Read more »


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I studied at a school in my Country where most of the time I was forced to speak Italian and the rest of the time to do boring written exercises… Read more »

Massimiliano Ratti


I started learning English when I was 9. At schools I had a lots of English tests and all of them were grammar tests. Our teachers had always told us:… Read more »



Just a quick note to say many thanks to my dear coach AJ Hoge. Effortless English system helped me to became a confident English speaker and this created for me… Read more »