Speaking Fluency

Speaking Fluency

English Audiobooks, Books, and Textbooks

English Audiobooks, Books, and Textbooks

English audiobooks are a great tool for improving your English!  English textbooks are boring. So what should you read and how– in order to improve your vocabulary, speaking, and pronunciation faster?  In this video, AJ Hoge tells you which books to read and how to use audiobooks for the fastest improvement. Textbooks have many problems. … Read more »

Fear Of English Mistakes

English Mistakes

The fear of English mistakes kills fluency. What causes this fear and nervousness? Where does it come from? What exactly do you fear when speaking? In this Effortless English Show, AJ discusses the fear of making mistakes and finds the root of the problem. Learn how to stop the fear of English mistakes so you… Read more »

The Child’s Top English Secret

We know children learn to speak English perfectly. In this video we discuss, perhaps, the number one secret that children use when learning English. This secret is the biggest difference between how children learn English and how adults learn it.

Forced English Speaking A Good Idea?

Is forced English speaking a good idea? Should you force yourself to speak English? Should teachers force their students to speak English? Watch this video for A.J.’s answer:


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English is my favorite language over all, I’ve always loved to learn it and I’ve tried to do it since I was a little girl in my first grade school…. Read more »



I started learning English when I was 9. At schools I had a lots of English tests and all of them were grammar tests. Our teachers had always told us:… Read more »


The Effortless English is the best English learning program I ever seen in my life

It is my pleasure to share with you reasons why I think that the program is the best. – It doesn’t aim only to teach English but also to purpose… Read more »

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