Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native

Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native

A.J. Hoge discusses how to speak English like a native and introduces his book Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native.  AJ discusses the major problems that English learners face, and important techniques for achieving speaking success. The book is a detailed guide to speaking English fluently.  Learn the complete Effortless English system… Read more »

Reading and Writing English Better

The best way to write English well? How to improve your English reading? AJ talks with author Theresa Snyder about these topics and more. He also answers your questions, including questions about the TOEFL exam. This video is ~30 minutes.

E-books and Audiobooks

I recommend that you read a lot of easy English books (and listen to the audiobook versions of those books too). Many people ask me, “where can I get good English novels, non-fiction books, children’s books, etc.”? In some countries it is difficult to find English books and audios. Well, there is a very simple… Read more »

Reading and Listening Together

Reading and listening together is a great method for improving your spoken English.  This is especially helpful with new or more difficult material.  Whenever possible, get both the text and audio version of a novel or article! Once you understand all of the vocabulary, put away the text and just listen. Remember deep learning, listen… Read more »


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Just a quick note to say many thanks to my dear coach AJ Hoge. Effortless English system helped me to became a confident English speaker and this created for me… Read more »



I studied at a school in my Country where most of the time I was forced to speak Italian and the rest of the time to do boring written exercises… Read more »

Massimiliano Ratti


English is my favorite language over all, I’ve always loved to learn it and I’ve tried to do it since I was a little girl in my first grade school…. Read more »