The Business English Conversations Course is a complete 4 month business course. You get one new lesson set (module) every week for 16 weeks!

Business English Conversations

Real business discussions about real business topics. Learn business English by learning powerful business strategies to improve your job, career and business understanding. A.J. and George discuss powerful business skills, ideas and strategies. Use them to improve your own career– and your business English.

George’s Business English Commentaries

Teacher George Hoge teaches you business skills and strategies for the corporate world. He teaches you how to improve your career in any company. Learn the language and strategies needed to succeed in the corporate world.

AJ’s Business English Commentaries

Teacher A.J. Hoge, a successful business owner, teaches you important business (& English) skills to improve your job and career. A.J. gives you the “new business” ideas and “new business English” that you need to succeed today.

Audio Business Vocabulary Lessons

The best way to learn vocabulary is by listening to it, not by studying list. With us you learn vocabulary from real conversations about real business topics that will improve your job and career. You learn business vocabulary in whole phrases, from real conversations.