General Questions


What is the difference between Power English course, Original course and V.I.P. Membership?

The courses differ based on the level: Original Course for low intermediate level Power English for intermediate level V.I.P. Membership for high-intermediate level Power English and Original courses are one time payments, whereas the V.I.P. is a monthly membership course where you are charged on a monthly basis. Read full comparison from our Product catalog… Read more »

I didn’t receive an email from your email course?

Check your “bulk” or “spam” mail folder. Emails are sometimes put there by your email company by mistake. If the emails are not there, you may need to sign up again for the free email course.

How Can I Improve My Writing?

The best way to improve reading and writing is to read easy novels… and read them everyday. How easy? Well, you should not need a dictionary to understand and you should be able to read quickly. On most pages, you should understand 98% of the words. You can start with kids novels– books for children… Read more »

Are The Lessons Different From The Free Email Course?

Yes. The email course teaches you an English study method that you can use independently. The Power English lessons (and VIP Club) teach you English vocabulary, speaking, listening, and grammar.