Power English Lesson Sets Feature 30 Modules, including:

21 Point of View Story Lessons *

Here it is, the secret to spoken English grammar. What if you could learn English grammar like an American child- naturally? Absolutely no more boring grammar rules.

30 Mini-Story Lessons *

What if you had a new kind of lesson that, when used daily, makes you understand and speak English more powerfully? When you use the Mini-Story lessons every day, you improve your speaking and listening speed by answering simple questions as quickly as possible.

30 Main Audio Lessons *

Imagine if English lessons could be fun, easy, interesting, strange, intelligent, and funny- would you love learning English more? Think deeply, laugh loudly, smile a big smile, jump with energy, learn valuable information… with audio articles made by an intelligent adult- for intelligent adults. All lessons feature: Downloadable lessons. Which means there’s no waiting for… Read more »

30 Audio Vocabulary Lessons *

Did you know that you must learn vocabulary with your ears so you can use it quickly while speaking? Audio (listening) vocabulary lessons are more powerful than reading lessons (for speaking). With Power English Lessons, you learn with your ears.