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Never do this

What if I told you that grammar rules are not the key to speaking English, correctly, and powerfully?

The best English learners are children, of course. Why?

In fact, its because they don’t study grammar and they don’t learn from textbooks. They use very specific methods and “rules” for learning.

I call these the 7 Rules of Excellent English Speaking, and you probably already know them from my email course.

What if I told you that you must learn like a child to truly speak excellent English? Well, it’s true.

English grammar is easy, but only if you learn it correctly. And the correct way is not studying grammar rules.

You must learn grammar and vocabulary naturally. You must learn grammar intuitively. You must develop a “feeling for correctness”.

You must learn grammar and vocabulary like children.

“If you want to become like a native speaker, you don’t need to learn when
you are a child. You need to use the same methods as a child.”

Dr. J. Marvin Brown

How To Use The Power English System

I created Power English to help you speak excellent English. I took my best ideas and the best research from the best experts in the world, and used them to create new kinds of English lessons – lessons that are fun and exciting.

The System is different. It is completely different than the old study methods you used in the past.

You have never used lessons like these!

 English Isn’t All You Learn

One of the most common comments I get from members is that Power English changed their lives.

By that, they mean that they learned how to strengthen their emotional power … and how to achieve success.

That’s because the topics of the lessons are all about personal growth and success.


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