Andy Cheng

Hi guys,
It’s around half a year since I started learning English with AJ and Effortless English lesson.According to my experience on it, I feel I have more energy and excited about English learning and life when I listen to this set of lesson, always it will not only teach you English language learning, also teach you how to think about many things about your work and life, I mean it will teach you how to think, AJ is more like a coach than just an English teacher. That must be why more and more people are learning English with Effortless English lessons.
I feel more confident and interesting about English learning and speaking. In addition you will get to know many new friends who are also studying English with you, sure they will always be your support when you feel frustrated about English learning or any other problem from your life or work as AJ helps us!
So come and join us, improve your English and your mind here with us! You will learn many things together with us here!