Cengiz ICEL

Hello this is Cengiz from Turkey. I appreciated that to evaluate the course effortlessenglish and we see AJ’s route as perfect.
This course is really different course than the others and A.J knows what the way is. He and his team are spending good effort and giving the lessons like they promised on time (and also with extras).
I am a new user and maybe I cannot say clear things about the benefits of this course in this period but I believe that it will work. I listen the audios periodicly (like A.J suggested) but I listen mostly the commentary and the Coaching lessons because the point of view and Mini story lessons are not for my level. I need more lessons with conversations and coachings (only by A.J).In that point is it thinkable that to seperate the levels?
The topics are really nice and I understand well. During the month I think about the things which A.J mentioned and it is inspire me to think more. This is nice.
By the way in the recent lessons, we listen dialogs with A.J and his team. To hear different things from different people is nice. I hope we see new developments during this course. Because I want to talk more powerful english with idioms, with phrasal verbs like a man who has a good grasp of it.

So, thats all from my side. I support A.J because he is very fair and spending his life energy for us. Thank you.