Charles E. B.

Charles E. B.

I was majoring in English in college and although I was getting pretty good grades on grammar and vocabulary tests, I soon realized I could not understand everyday English. Out of all the different classes I had only one was dedicated to listening. Ironically, most students ditched that class thinking it was a waste of time — they wanted to study grammar and vocabulary the old way. At that stage I had been studying English for over 10 years, and yet I could only understand native speakers if they spoke very slowly and used easy vocabulary.

Needless to say, that was really frustrating. The message was clear. I was going to have to take action and look for better ways to improve my English.

One day, I came across A.J.’s podcast. I figured I would listen to a few episodes and I quickly got hooked. His ideas were different but they made a lot of sense. A few months later I eventually decided to grab a copy of the Original Course. I listened to the lessons at least 5 days a week for several months. I can’t say I kept track, but I know I never got bored. Then Learn Real English came out, and I really loved the concept too. I kept using both courses and it felt like I’d finally found the missing link.

Several years later, I can safely say that speaking English has become as effortless as speaking French. More importantly, I have learned so many great ideas and concepts that I use every day. Oh and did I mention our amazing community? There are truly great members who are always there to support you, and encourage you no matter what.

If you’ve always wanted to speak English fluently, then do yourself a favor, drop those textbooks and join us. You won’t regret it.