Futoshi Tono

Hello, I’m happy to have the Effortless English Lesson. Because I am feeling now that this lesson will improve my English which have not been much improved for last 7 years.
I have lived in Japan for 39 years,and then I went to abroad ,and started to learn speaking English for my job. Of course I have learned English from 13 years old to 22 years old in Japan,so I know the grammer of English. But Actually I could not speak and listen English in foreign country. I have made a effort to learn English since I went to abroad,but when I am speaking English to other people, always Japanese language poped put in my head, not English. I understand I am too old to go to abroad to work,too old to learn lively English,but I want to speak English smoothly and I want listen to others talking propary, correctly. Specially I want watch my favolite movie without subtitle. So I entered this Effortless English to break my old English. I hope that this Effortless English will change something of my English.