Gonca Soyen

I was so hopeless about speaking English before I met A.J. After I became a member I did exactly what AJ said. I listened to the AJ speaking many times, I answered every single question loudly, confidently.
After some time I noticed that I could speak English fluently. Day by day I improved at speaking and started having a good feedback. I was amazed by the way he managed to make me speak. Then I realized that I was having a good time as opposed to sitting in the class. As I was improving at speaking, my listening skills changed for the better. I learned how to pronounce the words that I struggled with. It allowed people to understand me better than ever. I met a lot of people from all over the world. We have a wonderful community. We are chatting, making comments to each other and it makes me stronger.
Speaking English make me feel more confident when I am out with my friends or colleagues and I made it happen because of AJ.
The bottom line is that I am having wonderful time by being with A.J and my friends at Effortless English LLC. I really appreciate your making the effort to come up with this idea. AJ is one of the pioneers of modern teaching.
Thank you AJ.