Guo Wei

I have been learn English for long time, I still remember that I can’t answer when a person say ” thanks” to me, even I knew there are many way could be a reply such as you are welcome, it’s my pleasure, not at all…etc, but the mouth just can’t be opened. of cause, my mouth was not opened by Effortless English, but I had to admit it is a great method to speak English fluently. And I think there is one thing have to be mentioned that A.J does not only teach language to his members, also the way of living. there are many great thinking about economic, about nature, about life…the sense of Effortless English is much worth than itself.
I won’t be a member of Effortless English any more, because of I got some financial trouble, but I really want to be friend of A.J, listen to him and talk with him.