Joyce Shin

It’s been about 6months since I started listening Effortless English to improve my English speaking. In a nut shell, I’m totally satisfied with the way they teach and all the materials they offer which are very practical and meaningful to me. I really enjoy learning not only English but also, much more importantly, what is great attitude toward living a life, how I get power and lift myself up when I feel down, how I stop worrying and enjoy myself to lead a enjoyable and happy life. I can tell my English has impoved a lot especially when it comes to thinking in English and speaking with less effort without translating, as well as listening and understanding English.
I strongly recommend Effortless English to anyone who is struggling from studying English and finding a better way to learning English. Start Effortless English right now, and you will get great amount of confidence in every aspects of your life, and you will find yourself living a happy life.