Julia from Italy

My dear friend I know that you can have some doubt, at the beginning it’s normal, I had them too! LOOOTS of doubts, because there are tons of bad courses, tons of useless rules and exercises that make you waste your money, time and energy and don’t teach you anything! And those were my feelings when serching on the web for something new and powerful for improving my English I found AJ and his Effortless English System! I tried his lessons and I was amazed! So completely fascinated by the way this great teacher and coach “plays” with English making it intuitive, nice, and pleasurable to listen, to practice, to keep with you in every moment of the day! Yes AJ has become my best friend! I love his lessons and I listen to him every day! Not because I want to “STUDY” 😛 just because I enjoy listening to all the great and empowering topics he chooses. And just having a great time with him and his lessons it happened, almost by chance that I’ve also learned English. Haha… Now I can understand native speakers even when they talk fast, or have strange accents. I can speak fast and with no effort even to native speakers. I watch movies in English with no subtitles, and most of all, I enjoy speaking English so much that I want English to become my “first” language! What to say? AJ is a special teacher, coach and leader, and I’ve been so LUCKY to meet him on the web!