My adventure with Efforltes English is very short. Since Mai this year I had been all the time in “Comfort Zone”. What does it mean? I had been learning (with shorter or longer breaks) English since primary school (more than 20 years!!!). I hadn’t used English in practise. I hand’t had to. I had been still angry for myself because I hadn’t done any progress.

I’ve been still (since my final exams and studies) on the same intermediate level. I’m terrified when I hear somebody’s speaking English. I can understand just a few words from the whole conversation.

In February this year my boss said that I would take a part in business meeting in Finland. When I heard it I was shocked. But this information was for me a big kick to do something with my English. I’ve started conversations with native speaker. She recommended me to listen to original movies and programms in English because it’s the best way to improve speaking and listening. Fortunately, my husband (who has the same problems with English knowledge) found some AJ’s movies on youtube. Through this way I found Effortles English website and I decided to become a VIP member. I wish he had found movies earlier than in Mai this year.
Since Mai I’ve been trying to listen to AJ’s lessons regularly (sometimes it’s very dificult because of work and home duties) but after one month I see small progress. Not very huge. Little step. Lessons helps me to find motivation. Now I’m sure that I want to continue learning with VIP Program. Of course, miracle didn’t happen. I’m still afraid. I don’t still understand a lot. I have problems with vocabulary. BUT I SEE SMALL PROGRESS. I SEE THAT SOMETHING HAS CHANGED. I don’t feel “the chains” that had been blocking my development, improvement. I hope with AJ’s lessons I will be able to speak and understand better.