I started learning English when I was 9. At schools I had a lots of English tests and all of them were grammar tests. Our teachers had always told us: “Grammar is the key to learn E”. I saw my friends who knew more English Grammar rules and got high mark in English. Other people said they were good English learners. I thought: “Oh. That’s right. I am going to learn all of the English grammar rules and
lots of vocabulary and then I will be a good English learner”.

I thought that learning English meant grammar rules + vocabulary. I started learning E grammar and new words. I bought lots of English grammar books and did most of the tests in those books. I considered those book as my treasures. I tried to remember lots of vocabulary.  I spent 7 hours each day trying to learn grammar rules and vocabulary by heart. It worked. I got higher English marks. I was happy and I thought that I had found the true way to learn English.

When I was a second year student at my university, I realized I needed to speak E well if I wanted to get a good job. I took part in an English class where I had chances to speak to English native speakers.  That was the first time I had spoken to an English native speaker. I felt very confident. I knew lots of grammar rules and vocabulary. But I was shocked. When an Australian girl asked me:

– How old are you?

I didn’t understand. I said:

– sorry.

She repeated:

– How old are you ?

I still couldn’t listen to her. I started to feel woried but I tried to say:

– Again, please!

I looked at her face. She seemed to not understand why I couldn’t understand her but she still asked me again:

– How old are you?

I felt anxiety. What did she say? I had never known anything like that. “What is this ?” I asked myself. I wanted her to write it out but I didn’t know how to say it.  I thought about grammar rules, the present tense and English linguistics but I could not say anything.

Finally, I gave her a paper and a pen. Luckily she understood what I wanted.

She wrote it out: “ HOW OLD ARE YOU ?, WHAT IS YOUR AGE?”

Oh my God. It was a super simple sentence. Why couldn’t I understand it? I was hard to believe. When she spoke, she always connected words. It was normal but at that time I couldn’t listen and understand. It was strange to me. Then she asked me more questions but I didn’t understand them either. When she talked to other English speakers  I tried to listen but I couldn’t understand any thing. She used slang, idioms and all of them were very strange to me.

I came back home. I felt depressed. When I saw English papers in my house, I was very angry. I snatched those papers and tore them like a crazy person. I tore all my grammar books, threw them everywhere in my room and cried very much. I had a terrible headache. I felt sad, tired, boring. I flung myself down on my bed, cried..cried and then I fell asleep without eating my dinner.

Next day, I got up and decided to go out. I visited my old friend. We had not met for 4 months. I told her about my last terrible day and said that I would not learn E any more. May be it was too hard for me. I could not speak E well, ever.

She smiled and said:

– I know a method to learn English without learning grammar. We can learn English effortlessly. It is very exciting and effective. It is Effortless English. I have followed it for 2 months and my English skills are improved a lot.

– Really? It’s hard to believe what you say.

– OK. Don’t trust me. Just try it and you will be surprised.

Then she showed me the 7 rules to speak E fluently. I was curious and then I tried it. Effortless English was the opposite of all that I had known. It was exciting and practical.  I found that I had had a bad method to learn English when I started. Something was wrong with my method at the beginning. Thankfully, I found Effortless English. It helped me a lot.

I have been learning Effortless English since last year. I have improved my English speaking and I know I can now achieve bigger succeed. This is the best English program that I know. With Effortless English we don’t take tests, we do not worry about grammar rules, don’t try to remember long lists of vocabulary.

We speak E well without worrying about any of them. AJ is the best teacher but I feel he is my best friend also. He is a friendly teacher. I am inspired by him to learn English.

In the past, I learned E 7 hours each day but I felt tired. I tried to remember lots of grammar rules and words but after a short time, I forgot most of them. I thought that I knew a lot of grammar rules and vocabulary but in fact I didn’t understand anything. I knew them but I couldn’t use them easily.

Effortless English is different. I learn, I understand and I can use what I learn. It changes all parts of my life. AJ teaches me how to speak English confidently and how to be a better person.

After 5 months, I can listen to English better and speak more fluently. I feel more confident when I speak to foreigners. My life changes. I change my behaviour. I help other people to change their methods and to be a leader.

3 months ago I got a scholarship at my English center. Now, English is like a game and I am an addict. Fantastic. Learning Effortless English is one of the best choices in my life.

I have been learning Effortless English for 5 months and got the success. I will continue to follow through and have a better life and bigger success. Thank you AJ. You give me wonderful things!