Yuriy Kryvyak

I always was looking for improving my English. Step by step I got a lot of frustrations and it was terrible. I really wanted to speak fluently, easily and automatically. But… I couldn’t. Once I found a short video lesson about 7 easy rules of learning English, and it was interesting to look through. I decided to start learning by this methodic and today after six month I achieved much much better result than before. I become more confident when I speak. I work in a big international company and use my English every day. I’m happy, I can speak easily with everyone in our large network and have no fear.
I have noticed when I listen to English every day and sometimes a lot, all of these phrases and words comes into my mind automatically. You know, every day in the morning when I have a bath I’m standing under the shower and speak with myself loudly. My wife ask me, hey man what are you doing, is there anybody else you speak with? I answer, no darling, it’s AJ’s phrases comes into my mind, like “get rid of them” or “don’t worry Heva” )).
Now I clearly understand why with Effortless English is much better result, because all of the teachers are exciting speakers and have a lot of positive energy and emotions.
Also I have a chance to meet with lots of interesting people around the world.
Finally, I recommend Effortless English for everybody, it’s a great opportunity to achieve success by learning English and listening different useful stories and coaching lessons.