How AJ Hoge's courses have helped people speak better English across the world

Claude Bourgeois

I like this course. It is not about grammar it is about speaking. The topics are very often so interesting that you forget the reason why you are listening to them….to learn English. You can listen to these lessons anytime and everywhere you want. A great way to learn !!

Luis F Gomez Tascon

This program help me a lot how to speak more confidents and learn how to understand real English conversations

CLOET Héloïse

I found out Effortless English on You Tube by chance. I loved the 7 steps for big improvments. So I decided to buy lessons and to become a VIP member. Since I have been learning English with pleasure every day. It’s a thing I am fond of before sleeping or when I get up or… Read more »

Robisney Avelar

well, I started my participation in Effortless English to improve my english and until moment I have enjoyed very much this. I hope to keep and to know new friends, the teachers are very good and the classes are amazing. As I do not have time, I listen my class in my car while I… Read more »

Sergey Zenko

Effortless English LLC – this is a great discovery for me, I can not say that to me does not put the effort to learn English, but the company offers a very effective method of learning English. Thank you, A.J. Hoge, Kristin and Joe.

Hary Razafindralambo

I’d like just to say that, in my opinion, the Effortless English is the best approach for improving listening and speaking skills of this international language in relatively short time for the simple reason that it’s based on two principles: “What we hear, What we speak” and “Repetition is the mother of knowledge”. In addition,… Read more »


AJ is the best teacher I’ve ever seen before! Unfortunately I am a bit lazy and don’t do my best.

Gennady Goncharuk

I`m happy to learn English from Effortless English. It`s difficult to explain all the details. I just recommend to try the system. It`s real, it`s funny, it`s unusual, it teaches real English. I was bored to learn the rules which are the right things but it`s unreal to always remember all the rules speaking English…. Read more »


My adventure with Efforltes English is very short. Since Mai this year I had been all the time in “Comfort Zone”. What does it mean? I had been learning (with shorter or longer breaks) English since primary school (more than 20 years!!!). I hadn’t used English in practise. I hand’t had to. I had been… Read more »

Zainab Irfan

I found it an easy way to learn english. A.J is really a nice person and good teacher. Its not only learning english but also a great opportunity to develope your personality with all the techniques and stories with moral. I wish all the best for A.J & Co. Solute you sir A.J.

Humaid Alhabsi

all audios ,videos and taxed are wonderful . AJ Hoge method’s are excellent. I am very new to this program but I think it will help to improve my language and it will change my life. thank you Mr AJ Hoge for your service leadership.

Dmitry Fedorets

Effortless English system is a very easy and very powerful way of learning foreign language. After several months of daily listening to the audio lessons huge improvement hits your mind. It becomes very interesting to read different stuff, listen to and communicate with native speakers after awhile. I highly recommend this system for the students… Read more »