How AJ Hoge's courses have helped people speak better English across the world


I’ ve studied English for a long time. I have a good vocabulary and I can read English books easily but I have difficult to understand people speaking English. I think Effortless English is very good because the most important thing in this course is to listen the lessons, with native people speaking. Besides that,… Read more »

Valdeir Agostinelli Pereira

This company allows you to improve your English and grow up as human being by making friends from all over the world. I’m member since 2010.

Boža Vončina

Three years ago I attended a summer English course of Berlitz. The teacher praised my vocabulary but he adviced me a lot of English listening. A few months later I found it: AJ’s 7 Rules and VIP-program. But there is much more to find than videos and audios – there are lessons concerning the most… Read more »

Ida Carboni

I definitely can say that Effortless English is the best method I have known. I surely improved and my feeling changed with the English but honestly I am still not enough confident, maybe because I’ve a bad character , I pretend a lot from myself in general, I know that is a wrong thing but… Read more »

Eimantas Gabalis

Best English lessons ever! The only thing you have to do it’s just to relax and listen great English lessons created by AJ. You definitely improve your English skills but also you’ll get priceless advices how to achieve success in life. It’s not only English it’s a lot more! No more boring school learning methods,… Read more »

Stefan Jerzak

I suppose that effectiveness of broadening knowledge of practical English would be a bit higher if you could add to the teachening program some exercises covering the content of a given lesson and some grammer.

Maung Maung

Listening is effective tools for speaking like native speaker.

Edilson Pacheco

I would like to grangratulate the Effortless English Club the compromising with the members And availability to help us ever. Tihansks

Ferenc Fazekas

Great lessons – the topics are interesting, the manuscript is very helpful and everything is very easy to use. I’ve improved my English a lot with the EE system. I recommend EE LLC.

Julia from Italy

My dear friend I know that you can have some doubt, at the beginning it’s normal, I had them too! LOOOTS of doubts, because there are tons of bad courses, tons of useless rules and exercises that make you waste your money, time and energy and don’t teach you anything! And those were my feelings… Read more »

Fernando Vita souza

For me, the Effortless program and methodology is the best way to learn English language fastly and efficiently.


I’m a longtime member. I must have joined back in 2007 or so, if I remember correctly. I’d recommend the EE system to anyone looking to improve their English without spending hours and hours trying to make sense of grammar rules and technical terms that can only be understood once you have developed a FEEL… Read more »