How AJ Hoge's courses have helped people speak better English across the world

Pipat Jul-upai

EEC is the best way to learn to speak English powerfully.anyway I want to get better job. so I have to pass TOEFL test to get a certificate. I don’t know how long I’d be ready to test.

Giang Nguyen

English was so difficult to me before but now It has been easy and excited.It’s amazing!Thank you very much,AJ

Antonio Villa

I believe that effortless english is the best method ever ,because it has a totally different and innovated way of learn, real conversations with idioms and slang along with a psychology method; helping us to unlock our confidence and believes, it really works I have seen that. I’ve heard a lot of times the same… Read more »

Yuriy Markov

AJ Hoge’s lessons is very helpful. It’s really helped me. Thanks very much to AJ Hoge’s job.

Joyce Shin

It’s been about 6months since I started listening Effortless English to improve my English speaking. In a nut shell, I’m totally satisfied with the way they teach and all the materials they offer which are very practical and meaningful to me. I really enjoy learning not only English but also, much more importantly, what is… Read more »

Georges Valentin

My point of view to improve my learning would be >>> the voice of different americans because when I go to the states, sometimes the accent of local people is very complicated to understand in California. Georges, an old student in Spain.

Abdulrhman Alrfaidi

This method is effective but I wish that it has some kind of evaluation at the end of each lesson to assess the learners improvement , Best regards

Irene Masters

On the past February, I started training with AJ and since then I’ve been impressed receiving my weekly course and lots of extra goodies which help me to become successful one day. No complaints but daily happiness and positive thoughts by hearing AJ’s voice motivates me to go forward everyday. Each lesson gives the joy… Read more »

Elke Kelly

I started more than a year ago to use Effortless English. Although I had English in School since the 5th Grade, I worked 6 years for the British Army and 2 years for an international Parcel Service in Germany I experienced that I still didn’t know all words and phrases, when I came to America…. Read more »

Nasser Heydari

I have been trying hart to learn English for three years.But after finding A.J’s manner, I was surprised! I am enjoying the courses right now. I think this is one of the best ways I have chosen to learn English. And I believe I can’t lose it. I am going to stick to your great… Read more »

Esat Koc

Hi. Aj i’ve got my free vip lesson set this month (Hidden Curriculum) to try and asset lessons and i listened’em all at once. First, i must admit it includes very very great ideas of yours and enjoyed listening and discovering new ideas.Thanks for sharing them. But i got little upset because i understood each… Read more »

Ahmed Adel

The aim of the lessons are clear. The quality of sound is amazing, the topics themselves are useful. All about effortenglish are very unique.