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Speak English With An American Accent.
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In this course, I promise to help you develop an American accent.

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I want to learn how to speak with an american accent NOW! paypal

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Why the American Accent Training Course?

  • Do you have bad pronunciation or a strong accent when speaking English?
  • Do people misunderstand you when you speak English
  • Do people often ask you to repeat what you said?
  • Do you feel embarrassed or stupid when speaking English?
  • Do you have problems with specific sounds in English?



  • When you use this course each day, you will quickly improve your pronunciation.
  • Your speaking will become more clear and understandable. Other people will understand you more easily.
  • You’ll learn to correctly pronounce those difficult English sounds— while speaking quickly during normal conversations.
  • Your speaking confidence will grow.
  • Each day, you will develop a clearer North American accent.
  • As your pronunciation improves, your job opportunities will also improve.
  • Your confidence and your enjoyment of English will improve.


When you join the Effortless English Pronunciation Course today, you get 19 units of video, audio, and text.


You get a text guide (transcript) for all videos and audios. The text helps you understand everything 100%. As a bonus, by using the text you will also improve your reading speed.

Training audio

In the training audio, you practice and train yourself to speak with a perfect accent. AJ trains you with three speeds of speaking: slow, medium, and fast.

Teaching video

In the video lesson, AJ shows you how to correctly pronounce the specific sounds of English. He shows you how to use your tongue, mouth, and breath to correctly pronounce each sound. AJ also gives you mental “tricks” to help you say it perfectly.

You will practice each unit for at least 5 days.

Speak English With A Perfect American Accent!

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