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if you’re ready to start speaking more excellent english right now, you must read this letter...

Dear friend who wants more success with english,
I have some questions for you:

  • Do you still get nervous when you think it’s time to speak English to someone? Maybe you want to speak to someone, but you still fear making a mistake?
  • Have you ever felt foolish because you’re not a strong, clear, fast English speaker? Do you feel that native speakers (North Americans, British,..) will not be interested in talking to you?
  • Does your speaking ever become slow and broken when you speak English… so that you can’t communicate normally?
  • Do you still sometimes feel like you don’t understand native speakers (North Americans, British, Australians..) when they speak quickly and normally?
  • Do you know a lot of grammar and vocabulary and yet it’s still difficult for you to use it when speaking?
  • Have you ever felt embarrassed about your true desire to speak English excellently? Do you ever pretend that intermediate level is “good enough”?
  • Would you like to get an amazing job… a job that is interesting… a job that let’s you meet new people all over the world… and pays you very well?
  • Have you ever wanted to quit learning English because it seems like NOTHING will work?
  • Do you feel that you can’t succeed with professional English situations?
  • Are you already successful with English, but you want to increase your success to a higher level RIGHT NOW?
  • Or are you already enjoying Effortless English lessons and you want more!

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then I have some excellent news for you...


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A.J shows us a great way to learn English

I have been learn English for long time, I still remember that I can’t answer when a person say ” thanks” to me, even I knew there are many way… Read more »

Guo Wei

He is the most powerful teacher I have ever had.

I was so hopeless about speaking English before I met A.J. After I became a member I did exactly what AJ said. I listened to the AJ speaking many times,… Read more »

Gonca Soyen

Effortless English is the best english system that I've known in all my life!

Since I have met Effortless English my life and all my family’s life have changed for better. My career have improved a lot. It has brought confidence to my professional… Read more »

Rubem Freitas

Here’s the truth...

NOT knowing how to speak English powerfully feels bad.

It’s terrible.

It makes you feel you have no power.

It make you feel terrible frustration and doubt...

It can make you feel confused and stupid.

It makes you feel like a FAILURE.


On the other hand...

KNOWING how to speak excellent English feels GOOD.

It feels good to communicate clearly, powerfully and successfully... and it feels good when you speak excellent English.

It feels good when you use English to get great jobs and make international friends.

It feels good to speak excellent English.

It feels good to YOU, and it feels good to EVERYONE YOU TALK TO.

Don’t lose your success...

If you are ready for SUPER-SUCCESS with English speaking, then what I’m going to help you get it FASTER.

When I first started my company, I made a new English Course. I call it “The Original Effortless English Course”.

I made a complete course to increase your success with excellent English speaking.

This digital audio course has over THIRTY-FIVE full hours of mp3 lessons… many
of my most popular lessons, ideas, techniques, and methods.

This is your chance to use the Original Course and speak more excellent English.

Now you can get my very first course, immediately in your home.


Most people never learn, so they continue making the same mistakes again and again...

Most people try one of these methods with English:

They take a lot of English classes,… doing a lot of drills, exercises, dialogues, and class activities….

They try to improve alone… studying endless grammar books, vocabulary lists, textbooks, sample TOEFL tests,…..
The problem with both of these methods?

They don’t work- They are NOT successful.
They are expensive
They are slow and boring
So what’s the answer?

I’m happy you asked……

The answer, my friend, is to stop using methods that DON’T WORK… stop boring yourself…. and instead start learning powerful, tested, GUARANTEED methods to speak excellent English successfully.

And here’s how…..

I’m giving you a simple formula for learning how to speak excellent English.

Use these steps to get total success with English speaking.

Start with emotion and motivation first

Success with English starts inside you. You must FEEL strong every time you speak English. When you feel strong and powerful you notice that everything improves. Other people become VERY interested in you. They listen to you. They want to hear your ideas and opinions. They respect you. You also notice that you speak faster,.. and you speak more clearly. Unfortunately, strong positive emotion is not automatic. You must practice feeling strong every time you speak English. When you learn how to create positive emotion EVERY TIME you speak English, you will be AMAZED at your success.

Use TESTED methods that are EXCELLENT and SUCCESSFUL

You know so much grammar and vocabulary, yet you still do not speak English well?

After so many years of English learning, why is English still so difficult?

The truth is that “knowing” English is not enough. Great speakers don’t “know” English grammar, they “feel” English grammar.

They feel what “sounds right” and what “sounds wrong”.

This feeling is instant and automatic.

In school you learned to “know” English.

So you must constantly think about grammar and vocabulary. Because you are constantly thinking, your speaking is slow and unnatural.

I use new methods that teach you to FEEL English. These methods teach you to use correct grammar without thinking.

That’s called “Intuitive Speaking” and that’s how every native speaker speaks.

North Americans never think about grammar when they speak. Neither do British people or Australians. They automatically use correct grammar (and vocabulary) without thinking at all.

The good news is that when you use my new methods, you can have big success with English.

You learn how to use English to get the job, friends, and opportunities you want in life.

How my Original Course has helped other students

Yana Maysova

Listen, I never thought that learning English would be so awesome – but it is! With Effortless English you learn as you live, naturally and fascinating. You really improve your English skills effortlessly, by only listening to the funny lessons. Awesome!

All you need to study English is a computer with the internet and sound equipment. I recommend this great company to anyone without any doubts. To try Effortless English is to trust Effortless English. Really!

What You’re going to learn...

Here’s a very short list of what you’re going to learn inside this powerful home-study

  • Fun, crazy stories that teach you to automatically “feel” English grammar.
  • How to eliminate frustration and learn to enjoy English study.
  • How to remember vocabulary with your ears, not by memorizing.


My original lessons for faster and easier english speaking...

I started teaching English many years ago.

During my years of teaching, I have learned and improved. Eventually, I created the Effortless English System.

The Original course was my very first course. I recorded it in my apartment in San Francisco.

This course became one of my most popular. Because of this course, I have helped over 4 million people speak more excellent English.

This course will give you the results you want. This course has been used by millions of people all over the world.

Like them, you too will succeed.

You are learning English for a reason. You want fantastic jobs… jobs that give you more fun, more money, more opportunities. You want amazing travel… feeling strong and confident as you visit new countries and make new friends.

You want to pass interviews and tests.

You don’t want to wait longer… you want maximum SUCCESS with English NOW.

Here’s what you get in the original course now...

  • Over 35 full hours of digital audio. All audios are mp3 and you download them from the internet.. so NO WAITING for the mail. Of course, you can easily put all audio lesson on your phone too.
  • A Text Guide with text for ALL audio. That’s right, every minute of audio has text… so you are GUARANTEED to understand everything.
  • Again, you now get my Original Course with all the audios and text, and the free bonuses, plus the easy payment plan...

What’s the price for this popular program? Well, this is my very first course. It will probably save you YEARS of time and frustration. Your investment for this powerful program is only 6 easy payments of $29.99.

Again, you now get my Original Course with all the audios and text, and the free bonuses, plus the easy payment plan...


Don’t decide now... try the original course risk-free for 30 days

I’m so sure you will love the Original Effortless English Course.

Here’s how it works:

I want to send you Original Course at MY RISK.

If you like it, keep it. You will be billed automatically. If you don’t like it, just send us an email within 30 days and I’ll give you a full refund.

Can it get better?

Yes it can…

I also realize that paying for this program might be difficult for some people. So to make it easier for you, I’ll let you make small payments for just SIX MONTHS!

I’m making it super-easy for you.

When you click the button below, you go to a safe order page. Just use a credit card for your order.

Do this course from beginning to the end. Do all of it and follow the schedule. You will have GREAT RESULTS, and you WILL speak more excellent English.

Use the lessons for up to 30 days with my Guarantee.

If you decide it’s not for you, for ANY REASON, just email within 30 days and you’ll get a full refund.

If you want to keep The Original Course (and I know you will), don’t do anything. You’ll be billed automatically in only six easy monthly payments.

I have helped many other people succeed with The Original Effortless English Course and I will help you too:

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