Lesson Catalog Page

We Have Two Courses: Power English Lessons and The VIP Club.

Power English Lessons $99 USD

Power English Lessons are a set of over 30 audio English lesson sets (each set contains 2-3 audio files + text).  They are designed to help you speak English more confidently and powerfully.   We recommend that you focus on one set each week, so Power English will keep you busy for over 6 months!   Read more about Power English…

VIP Club  $37/month

The VIP Club is for highly motivated learners.  VIP members receive our newest lesson sets each month.  You receive 2 full lesson sets each month (including a video lesson, 3 audio lessons, and text in each set).  Members also have access to our members-only area which contains free bonuses.  This is an ongoing program designed for life-long learning.  Read more about The VIP Club….