How AJ Hoge's courses have helped people speak better English across the world

cintia arens

The Effortless English method was a big surprise how easy and with fun and motivation we can improve very fast in ours english skills. I am very happy to be a member of this crew and recommend it to all my friends. It is easy, serious and fun and it is up to you when… Read more »

Xu Kun

thanks AJ Hoge, I come from Viet Nam, I’m a student, I really want to learn English by new method but I don’t have enough money, thanks for all, I really don’t know how to thank you.


I am glad to see that this method fit very well with my own method I use to learn french language… The more Aj use to give all of us a piece of good advices very useful for all of us…


The best English course ever!


VIP program is a good training program and A.J Hoge is a good trainer. I have learnt some useful experience when learning with VIP and I apply for my life. But it will be great if it is a little cheaper (around $20s/month). I cannot pay for the current price long term. I really want… Read more »

Erlina Othman

With perseverance and constant motivation, EE is definitely a good choice to improve English speaking ability.

Balla Julia

I am 66. “Not, so old, 66.” I traveled around Australia, despite can not speak English, because we are speaking always own languages. This is a big problem. Now, I go to bed and get up morning with AJ Hoge. I belive after half year can I fluently speak English. I would like to understand… Read more »

Guo Wei

I have been learn English for long time, I still remember that I can’t answer when a person say ” thanks” to me, even I knew there are many way could be a reply such as you are welcome, it’s my pleasure, not at all…etc, but the mouth just can’t be opened. of cause, my… Read more »

Ali Mohammadi

The Effortless English LLC is actually the best method of learning english I`ve ever experienced.

Eugenia Coelho

You learn english and at the same time you feel great with the texts.


Hi everybody…I really recommend to anyone to study English by effortless English because if I did it and I’m still keep going all of you can make it. I really feel more powerful unless I started this programme and especially comfortable when I speak with other people. what I’m gonna do with my loved ones… Read more »