Learning Psychology

Learning Psychology

EXACTLY How To Be Motivated

Exactly HOW To Be Motivated. You want to be more motivated. You want to be more motivated for learning English. You want motivation for health and fitness. You want motivation for business and money. But you don’t FEEL motivated. So how do you change that? How do you become motivated if you are not already?… Read more »

Fight For Your Dreams

Get Off Your Knees and Fight For Your Dreams. Defy the critics. Defy the doubters. Defy the haters. Learn how to change your fear into power. This is one of the key strategies that champions use to achieve great success in their lives.  For example, Michael Jordan is famous for using other’s doubts and criticism… Read more »

The Incredible Key To Success

Enthusiasm is a super power. It is also one of the important Values of the Effortless English Family. Enthusiasm will overcome fear. Enthusiasm will overcome doubt. In life, doubters are losers. Critics are losers. The bold and the enthusiastic are the winners.

The Secret Technique To Speak Fluently Faster

Speak English effortlessly, faster. The secret to speak fluently faster is the engine of your success. Yes, you need a great method to succeed. You need the best techniques that will help you learn faster. You need to understand the most effective natural ways to learn. However, you need one more thing. One more “secret”… Read more »


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English is my favorite language over all, I’ve always loved to learn it and I’ve tried to do it since I was a little girl in my first grade school…. Read more »



I studied at a school in my Country where most of the time I was forced to speak Italian and the rest of the time to do boring written exercises… Read more »

Massimiliano Ratti


I started learning English when I was 9. At schools I had a lots of English tests and all of them were grammar tests. Our teachers had always told us:… Read more »