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How do you break the negative patterns that stop your success?

You have that negative self talk.

You have the limiting beliefs. You think:  “I’m busy,… English is too tough…. I”m tired, I’m frustrated”

“I’m nervous when I try to speak

I’m not fluent

I’m bored with English”

How do we break that pattern in a way that works.. that is effective…

… and is easy to do now?

If YOU THINK that your thoughts 

…. and YOU THINK that your feelings

determine your destiny, your results… your life….

..and if 90% of your daily thoughts

Are the same as the day before…

… and your feelings, your emotions… your emotional habits

… are basically the same every day….

Then your life isn’t going to change much.

Because you are thinking and feeling the same way. 

And those emotions….

Lead to the same thoughts…

Which lead to the same choices… and actions…

Which create the same experiences….. the same results.

And that’s the pattern of your day

And that’s the pattern of your life

And that’s your “PERSONALITY

If you want to create a new life

You have to change your personality.

And which comes first?

Most people focus first on the RESULTS they want…

… they call these GOALS.

Then they decide on some ACTIONS that will achieve the goals.

And they think that if they change their life….

… and achieve their goals….

then they will think more happy and positive thoughts…

… and then they will FEEL happier, more excited, more joyful every day.

What if YOU REALIZE this is backwards.

Because you try and try and try to achieve your goals

….. but you don’t.

And you don’t because you feel unmotivated

… you don’t feel confident…

… you get discouraged

… you get stressed….

… you get frustrated.

Your energy is low… your motivation gets lower…

And then you FEEL even WORSE.

But when YOU REALIZE  it’s backwards….

… your whole life changes IMMEDIATELY.

FIRST, you change your Emotions… your ENERGY… your FEELINGS.

That is the first step, not the last one. 

First you program yourself to feel excited every day…

… to feel happy every day…

… to feel grateful every day…

… to feel love every day…

… to feel enthusiasm every day…

.. to feel super-motivated every day.

You practice it.  You train it.  

You program these emotional habits.  

And what happens when you feel these great feelings every day?

Your thoughts change.

You naturally think more positive thoughts…

… with no effort.

And when your thought habits become positive…

You make better decisions….

You take better actions.

You take action more often…

… and then you get better results

… better experiences.

Your life changes.

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E is the first part of that system….

E = Emotion, Energy.

It’s the first step, the most important step…

… not the last.

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