Effortless English Rule 1

Always Study and Review Phrases

Hi, I’m AJ Hoge, and welcome to the first secret or the firrst rule for Excellent English Speaking. Now, this whole video course is going to teach you a very, very different way of learning English and, if you follow every one of these secrets or rules, I promise you, your English speaking will improve tremendously, alot. You will make big improvements. I also promise you, you will enjoy learning English better. You’ll enjoy speaking it more. What is secret number one?

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  • salehrabie

    I hope so to speak English fluently .

  • Htangkee

    Hi, i m Htangkee from Myanmar, i learn English from u whenever i free as a government staff. i very much like your teaching style and system. I m a beginner and i m on my way to be a great English speaker as your rules. Please give me the ways to learn English again and again. With best regard, Htangkee

  • Nguyễn Minh Quang

    I’m Quang. I’m vietnamese people. I want to improve my english skill. So I hope to have your help. Thankyou !