Effortless English Rule 3

Learn With Your Ears, Not Your Eyes

Now, the last English speaking secret, the last rule, was maybe your favorite, right? No more English grammar rules. Good news for you, but this one is probably the most important rule. This is really the central key for excellent English speaking. It’s the main one. This rule or this secret is this. Learn with your ears, not with your eyes. Listen to English to speak powerfully.

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  • nebyat

    hi AJ you are incredible thanks so much.

  • navid yarzada

    hello my dear teacher i follow your teach every time thank u soooo much i am really happy to joun with u

  • Amir

    You’re really great teacher. Kindly best wishes. Thank you so much

  • good13

    hi mr A j
    I watch your 3 rules and I understand what you speak. By this time I could not understand English. Could you recommend What listening on MP3 (during 1-2-3… hour )??????????????
    Thank you !

  • Naha Alotaibi

    You are such an incredible teacher! I enjoy learning English now. Thanks a lot!

  • mariam

    thank you

  • You’re a perfect teacher, I’m very proud of and glad when I’ve known you, so how can I get easy audio english form you? Thanks for you did and have a great success for you.

  • jamanajey

    I’m really thankful, your lessons and your rules are amazing and so useful.

  • Aislan Carlos

    I have a doubt aj hoge, you asked to listen to the audio until I could tell the whole story. how could do this faster, if listening parties in the same story? separating in 1 minute, 16 minute a story for example?

    I hear a story of 16 minutes and is a big girl so I “say” all of it.

    what is your recommendation

  • shruti dwivedi

    Hi I m really thank full to u u r such a great tutor for me