English Presentations Conversation

English presentations cause fear. It’s scary to think of standing in front of a group of people. The fear and nervousness are the biggest challenge of presentations– especially in English. AJ and Aaron discuss English presentations and the fear that they cause most people.

It’s possible to learn a lot of techniques for public speaking and presentations. The problem is that you forget all of the techniques because you are so nervous.

You must find a way to deal with the nervousness first. Until you do that, no other technique will help you.

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  • Nurana


  • Nurana


  • http://EffortlessEnglishClub.com/ A.J. Hoge

    It will be a good course. A lot of it is focused on overcoming the fear and nervousness. I think this topic would be really good for a live intensive training… where participants would actually practice giving speeches and presentations!

  • http://EffortlessEnglishClub.com/ A.J. Hoge

    Definitely, public speaking can be really fun once you get over the nervousness. I love doing it now!