How To Learn Beginning English

As most of you know, Effortless English is designed for intermediate and advanced level English learners.  Our lesson are NOT for total beginners.

However, I often get emails asking me for beginner lessons.  Many of our members have friends who are beginners.  Many also have older children who are just starting to learn English.   How can they learn?  Can I teach them?

Well, I can teach them.  There are excellent Effortless techniques for teaching beginners…  and I have often thought of creating video lessons for total beginners.  However, at this time I have decided not to do this.  Our current focus is on intermediate adult learners.   I want to serve you all better, and this requires focus.

I can give you some advice though.. which I hope you’ll pass on to your beginner-level friends and family:

1.  Use English Textbooks & CDs Selectively

I’m just starting to study Thai… here in SF.  I don’t have a Thai teacher here, and there are no “Effortless Thai” lessons that I know of.  So at the moment I’m stuck using traditional books and CDs.

However, I am using these creatively.  I totally ignore all boring drills and exercises.  I skip all English language explanations and audio.

I use only the Thai language audio conversations…  the transcripts of those conversations… and the most basic vocabulary explanations.    My focus is totally and completely on getting a lot of Thai input.  I ignore all analysis of the language.

Tell your friends and family to do the same with English.. ignore all grammar explanations, all drills, all worksheets… just focus on getting a lot of English input… and focus only on understanding the vocabulary.

2.  Listen, Listen, Listen To English

Its our most important Effortless English “rule”.   Listening is especially important for beginners.  Beginners should spend 95% of their study time listening to English.  Listen to the audio dialogues on the textbook CDs.  Listen to the easiest English podcasts.   Listen, listen, and listen some more.

3. Deep Learning Is Even More Important

Beginners need even more repetition than intermediate and advanced level learners.   As a beginner, I need to listen to each Thai dialogue 100 times or more.  And every time I must listen attentively– with energy and total concentration.

Deep learning is absolutely vital for beginners.  Encourage your beginner friends to go more slowly.  Encourage them to study less vocabulary and fewer chapters.. but to totally master what they do study.  In the longterm, this approach is actually much faster.

4. Laugh, Smile, Play

Its tough to be a beginner.  You feel incompetent.  You can’t do anything.  Therefore, its very very important for beginners to thoroughly enjoy the process of learning.  You must make it fun!

Most beginner fail simply because they quit.  They lose hope.  They become bored.

In fact, emotion is far more important for beginners than the amount of language they learn.  Its vital to link positive emotions to English when beginning.   Its vital to link fun, excitement, laughter, curiosity, and passion to the learning process.  By doing that, you guarantee a lifetime of English learning.

Without those emotions, most students will quit long before they advance to higher levels.

So please, encourage your beginner friends to enjoy their learning.  And always compliment them.  Never correct their mistakes!  Never!  Do the opposite–  compliment them frequently.  Tell them what they are doing RIGHT.  Tell them they are amazing!  Congratulate them.  Build up their passion and enthusiasm for the language!

Do that, and soon you will have a new English conversation partner to talk to!

And don’t forget to always enjoy your own learning… and to always learn with passion and enthusiasm!

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  • Arash

    A.J. Hoge, i hope Succeed with your method. thank u.
    Arash from Tehran.

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    thank u very much aj hoge

  • A.J. Hoge

    You’re welcome!

  • kornkham

    thank you so much for this excellence website………….

  • Mahjoub Obaid

    How  to  begining  studing  english language

  • Racine Keny

    I find your method very interesting for learning english. Many times i have try to learn english but i can’t . It was dificult to my to success and i have stopped until the friend of me give me your email and advice me to write you. Thanks you very much for the help you give us.

  • Agun

    Hi Sir,
    i have read your 7 rules for excellent English and i try your suggestions to improve my english.
    thanks anyway

  • Buhary Ramees

    Hi Sir,
    I am Buharu Ramees from sri lanla. Bachelor of Commerce presently i have been working as a Accounts Assistant in Dubai since six month.
    so i recently find out your email course i think it’s very useful to me and i heard lot about you ,i am really greaterful to you and you are doing excellent work,
    Sir i need your kind help please please … i want teaching method Vedio Example teacher teaching to student like a vedio clip from grammer up to end more stories vedio clips

  • ayse akdemir

    Please,please,please do something for young beginners especially for kids,too.I have been listening to your program and very pleased with it.It really works.I have a seven year old child and he is very open to learn a language and I want him to learn English as fast and natural as he can.So please do sth immediately.I have been looking forward to it…Thanks…

  • Bhaskar

    Wow! can a beginner crave for a better advice? I’m not a beginner myself, I’d put myself in the advanced category but then you excel in advising people so much..

    and so great to know that you are so hard working and not satisfied with what you have achieved.. i mean having hold of an English degree didn’t deter you at all from learning Thai(and a 100 times per dialogue is more of a lesson to everybody) .
    Sometimes back I knew that you were learning spanish online..

    Anyway, you are an inspiration, a great teacher and a model of hard work all rolled into one..