Todd’s Koh Phayam Video 1

This is the first video diary entry for my good friend Todd’s Koh Phayam Bungalows project. Todd is going to build bungalows on a tropical island in Thailand. In this first video, shot in San Francisco before he flies to Thailand, we discuss his dreams for this project:

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  • eli

    i love this a lot thank you

  • Kuser joao jorge

    I understood professor very well but the other that I forgot your name not talk clearly, then i stayed very nervous.I´m studying very hard so my congratulatios. Thanks. Have a nice weekends. See you soon. Bye. Jorge

  • oytun

    hi AJ,
    it’s a good video but i could understand almost 95% words you said but i couldn’t understand the words came out todd’s mouth.his speaking isn’t so fast but it’s hard to understand the words.i think it will be better if you add a subtitle for this kind of videos.

  • hanoon

    thanks a lot AJ for your a huge effort. I hope to see a subtitle for this vedio or next times in other shows please please please AJ GOOD LUCK

  • Ben

    Excellent idea to have this kind of marketing-videos between or among native speakers. AJ, talking about Tony Robyns, Can you put in his videos subtitles in order to comprehend his speeches?
    Thank you?

  • liujingqi

    Cool!Hopefully,it will be a wonderful experience for Todd.Good luck for Todd!

  • Musti

    Well thank you AJ and Todd. I understood 98% of AJ and 50% of Todd. Both of them are native speakers. We’ll also get used to or have to get used to other native speakers like Todd, Tony Robbins and others etc. Not only AJ’s speech of course.
    Again thank you AJ for such an opportunity :))