Emotion Secrets

3 Secrets To Using Emotion To Learn Faster

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I look forward to your comments– these are important to me because I love hearing from my students.  I love you all!  I hope you enjoyed this video.

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  • Elen

    Hello Mr.Hoge, I liked all the lessons I`ve heard. Your voice is like a honey)))-very easy to understand what you are saying, your articulation is amaising. Thank you for your efforts to help us, who love english language and want to emprove their skills!!!!!!

  • nayana

    Hi A.J    you are a great teachr i have ever met.i have been learning  spoken english for 25 years.they used  same method to teach as you told. that is why i couldnt speak. after i met you ,my confident is getting better.now i speak english well.you may gain mush merit.i didnt  get your lessons.i always listen your speach.i love them.i can understand you 100 percent than other native speakers.thanks   

  • Omer

    Thank you sir A.J for your giuding and leading to make us love and enjoy English language Effortlessly

  • maria

    Thanks, I like the video and I like to know how learn more vocabulary and made the connection with your mind and body naturally.

    I love the video ant your are right in relation with the emotion..thaks

  • Darina

    Hi AJ,
    thank for your advices, it’s all the best and very easy, but we have to have the same feeling like you told. This is center of view.
    I am sorry, I spended all my internet capacity for a month, than I had to wait to the beginning of a new month. It’s a reason why I didn’t write you.
    Thank you for your understanding and your services very important information and your friendship,