Daily Life English Listening

I have a great way for you to learn English with easy English listening.  I have begun to do frequent, short, easy audio “tweets” about daily life topics.  These audio “tweets” are a great way to get easy daily English listening.  As most Effortless English members know- relaxed English listening is an important key to speaking english fluently.

To speak English fluently, you must listen to a lot of English– preferably easy and understandable English.  My daily life audio tweets are a great way to get plenty of English audio.   These are a great supplement to my lessons and my podcast.

It’s very easy to get my audio tweets!

Just “Follow” me on Twitter.  Go to Twitter.com/ajhoge.

If you don’t have an account, create one.   Then go to my page and click “Follow”.   That’s all!  It’s super-easy.

Simply check my Twitter page every day for new audio “tweets”.  Click on the link in each tweet to listen to my audio commentaries about my daily life.  Easy English listening!

Enjoy my audio tweets, my podcast, and my lessons….

And good luck with your English learning.