English Audiobooks, Books, and Textbooks

English Audiobooks, Books, and Textbooks

English audiobooks are a great tool for improving your English!  English textbooks are boring. So what should you read and how– in order to improve your vocabulary, speaking, and pronunciation faster?  In this video, AJ Hoge tells you which books to read and how to use audiobooks for the fastest improvement.

Textbooks have many problems.  Most are full of fake “dialogues” (conversations).  The dialogues are not real conversations.  They are first written by the textbook publisher.  Then actors read the text.  As a result, the phrases are unnatural.  The pronunciation is unnatural.

Textbooks then focus mostly on grammar rules.  Rather than train yourself to speak better, you are forced to analyze the English language.  Your head gets filled with hundreds of grammar rules plus their exceptions.

English audiobooks, however, are much better because they are written for native speakers.  As a result, the phrases used are more natural.  Typically, the narrators also have better pronunciation.

Audiobooks are filled with new vocabulary.  By learning with your ears, you learn new words and you learn their correct pronunciation.

For this reason, and many others that I discuss in the video, audiobooks are superior to standard textbooks.