Best Teacher I Know

Posted in Blog on January 1 by AJ

It’s 2010– a new year!

I think it’s a very good practice to begin the new year with gratitude, remembering all the good things in our lives.

I have many many people and things to be grateful for.

However, since this is a blog and website dedicated to teaching English, here I will focus on my gratitude for the teachers who have helped me become a better English teacher.

I have learned from many great teachers, directly and indirectly, including:   Stephen Krashen, Brenda Murphy, Ashley Hastings, J. Marvin Brown, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, John Gray…..

…but the very best teacher I know is Blaine Ray.   More than any other teacher, Blaine showed me how to be a great English teacher.  He is a true master.   And in addition to being a tremendous teacher (in terms of his ability and technique)- he is an extremely warm and generous person.

Quite often, teachers write to me requesting Teacher Training materials, but I always refer them to Blaine’s site.

I am grateful for all I have learned from him (through his books and conferences)……  and hope one day to match his skill and style as a teacher.

For more info about Blaine Ray’s teacher training materials, see his website at:

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