Choose Bigger Goals

When learning spoken English, motivation is very important.  You need emotional power for fast learning and quick improvement.

One of the easiest ways to gain more power and motivation is to choose bigger goals.  Most learners have impotent, vague goals.   They say things such as:   “I want to improve my English”,  “I want a good score on the TOEFL”, “I want a better job”.

These are emotionally weak goals and will not give you the energy you need for rapid success.

Goals must excite you.   You should feel giddy and energized just thinking about your goal.

This is a topic I have already written about– and yet, I realized that I too am sometimes guilty of having weak goals.

For example, I’ll be doing demonstrations and presentations in Thailand soon.   My goal was to “Teach people about the Effortless English system”  and to “Connect with more people”.

These are certainly positive goals– but they have no power.  They don’t excite me.  They don’t ignite my passion.

So I thought more deeply.  I asked myself, “Why do I want to teach people about the system?  Why do I want to connect with more people?  What do I want to contribute?  What do I want to accomplish?”

Better goals immediately came to my mind…  answers such as:

“I want to inspire people and transform their lives!”

“I want to awaken people’s passion and love of learning.  I want to fire their imaginations!”

“I want to totally transform the way people learn English.. I want to help people achieve their dreams using English as a tool!”

“I want to build an international family of wildly enthusiastic learners!”

“I want to give people incredibly positive & powerful emotional experiences!  I want to give them happiness, laughter, passion, and an unshakeable confidence in themselves.”

“I want to free people from doubt, from insecurity, from boredom, from hesitancy. I want to free them to achieve their dreams!

Now these are exciting goals!  These goals immediately give me energy.  They make me want to jump out of bed and immediately get to work!  They make me want to do a fantastic job as a teacher.  They inspire me to learn and grow better, and better, and better as a teacher.

They make me want to create an amazing demonstration– not just some boring lecture.

Now I’m inspired!

Now I’m energized!

Now I have a mission!

Choose big, audacious, powerful goals– and ignite your passion too!