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You have to be a little different to buy our Lessons. The people who buy them are the creative spirits in this world. They’re the people who don’t just want to pass a test; they want to change the world. We make lessons for those people. Sometimes, people think they’re crazy. But in that craziness, we see genius. And those are the people we’re making lessons for!  (Inspired by a Steve Jobs quote)

Download The Club Leadership Manual Now, Click Here

There is a big problem in education today– all over the world.   All over the world, schools are killing the love of learning.   Everywhere it’s the same:   schools use boring textbooks, tests, grades, competition, complicated grammar rules, desks, and boring lectures to make students suffer.

Students study English speaking for years, yet still cannot speak confidently.  Everywhere, students are bored, stressed and tired.   Everywhere, students are frustrated.

Naturally, we are born to learn.  Naturally, we love learning.  We are curious.  But schools kill this natural joy of learning…  they make learning boring, stressful and ineffective.

Download The Club Leadership Manual Now, Click Here

We must change this.   It is time to bring happiness back to learning.  It is time to make learning fun, passionate, friendly, social, powerful, successful and cooperative again!   This is the mission of Effortless English.

Our dream is simple:   create a worldwide network of local Effortless English Clubs.   At these Clubs, members will learn how to speak English confidently.  They will learn how to enjoy learning again.

Our local Clubs are a place where everyone is a teacher and everyone is a learner.   We support each other.  We help each other.   No bosses.  No tests.  No textbooks.  No stress.  No grades.  No desks.

Download The Club Leadership Manual Now, Click Here

Our mission is to CHANGE THE WORLD!  Together, you and I will change education.   We will bring success, confidence and happiness back to education.   We will show the world a better way to learn.

By doing this, we help our members speak English confidently.   With success, some of them (and you) will travel and study abroad.  Some will get better jobs because of their English speaking ability.  Some will start successful businesses.  Some will teach their children a better way to learn.  Some will become teachers who truly care about their students success.   Some will make new international friends.

Download The Club Leadership Manual Now, Click Here

And as we succeed, we share our success.   Our members also become leaders– who help other people and change the world.

Together, we are all changing the world, changing education… helping people.

I hope you will join this mission– by creating and growing your own local Effortless English Club.

To learn how to create and grow your local Effortless English Club, simply click the link below and download my Club Leadership Manual:

Download The Club Leadership Manual Now, Click Here

The manual will teach you how to create and grow a successful local Effortless English Club.  The manual will teach you how to change the world.

Join us and make a difference.

Join us and help yourself and other people.

Join us and change the world!

Download the Club Leadership Manual Below:

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“The Effortless English system helped me to became a confident English speaker and this created for me a lot of opportunities.”  

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