Community Is Important

Posted in International Friendship on March 19 by AJ

When learning anything, especially when learning English, it’s important to have a community- a club of other enthusiastic learners.   This is why people continue to go to schools, even though they know the schools’ methods are terrible.  People want a community.  They want to join with other people.  They want the increased motivation, support, and inspiration that a community provides.

Which is why our website is called the Effortless English CLUB.   Effortless English is more than great lessons– it’s also a community of very positive and enthusiastic learners.  In fact, we are very careful about membership in our community.  We only accept the very best– English learners who are very positive and enthusiastic.

We monitor our club quite closely, and we have zero tolerance for the negative, insulting, or childish behavior usually seen in internet communities.   On most internet forums, for example, you find a massive amount of insults and arguing.  We don’t allow that.  Such members are quickly and decisively eliminated from the club, and are never allowed to re-join.

Yes, this is a tough policy.  But it is necessary.   It can be difficult to create a great international learning club online.  And I admit- I am not interested in accepting and tolerating everyone.  My goal is to create an international English learning club of only the very best learners.  I want the most enthusiastic, the most supportive, the most friendly, the most energetic members in the world…  and that, in fact, is exactly what we have.

The members of the Club are absolutely amazing.  The level of enthusiasm and friendliness is tremendous.   New members are always very happy to discover such a fun and supportive learning club.  We have many super members who will answer your questions, give you learning advice, encourage you when you feel tired, and inspire you with their success.

Soon, we will be making that community even stronger–  when we launch our new Master Member Video site.  The video site is designed as a club for the Best of the Best…   a monthly membership site where the top 1% of our members will meet… and will get weekly new videos from me.  All videos will have text, so you can understand everything… but more importantly, the videos will focus on four powerful topics:  Advanced Learning Strategies & Lessons, The Psychology of Success,  Personal Financial Success, and Daily Life in (North) America.

The Master Member Video site will focus not only on English, but on Learning and Success in general.  This is a place where our top 1% will meet and learn together–   a powerful club and community of the Best of the Best.

We are very close to launching the Beta Test version of the site…  we’re planning to start testing next week with a few of our “All-Star” members.   Testing will then take about 6-8 weeks…  and then we will offer membership to our email subscribers only.   Membership in the Master Member Video site will only be available to our email subscribers.

So look in your email Inbox for updates about our newest, most exclusive English learning club.

And, as always, enjoy your English learning!

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