English MP3

English MP3 lessons are the most convenient and efficient way to learn English.

Think about the old days when you had to carry CDs or tapes.

Now, you can have a huge library of English lessons on your small iPod.  You can easily carry it with you on the train, while walking around town, on the bus, while exercising.

Mp3 lessons make it very easy to learn with N.E.T. time.

N.E.T. means “No Extra Time”– and it refers to the time you must spend doing other things anyway.  For example, if you must wait in line at the bank, why not listen to my mp3 lessons at the same time.

When you must ride a train or bus to work, use that time productively.  Turn on your iPod and learn English!

When you go to the gym, or go for a walk or run, you can also attend the Effortless English Course.  In this way, you double your productivity.  You get your body strong and you feed your mind with excellent English input.

English MP3 Lessons and NET Time

Try to make NET time a game.  Think about your day.  What are the time-consuming tasks you must do?  Which of these tasks also allow for mp3 English learning?

Washing the dishes?

Doing laundry?

Sitting in traffic?

Many students complain that they have no time for English learning. But that’s not true.  You do have time, but you must learn to be creative.

Its true that going to a traditional school can be very time consuming.  But now the school can come to you. Get some high quality mp3 English lessons, put them on your iPod, use your NET time wisely… and speak English powerfully.

Don’t make excuses– manage your NET time and speak fluent English!