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English Speaking Breakthrough

Posted in Blog on January 2 by AJ

Learn English with me live!  Effortless English is on the road, and planning for our first “English Speaking Breakthrough” Seminar is complete.   We’ve got the plan.  We’ve got the music.  Tomoe and I are ready to rock!

As the title suggests, this seminar is focused on creating an English speaking breakthrough.  You’ll learn the complete Effortless English system, experience a full lesson live, and learn how to continue using the system at home.   Our goal is to help you breakthrough to English fluency in just 6 months!

We’re targeting next Saturday, January 8th, for our first “Beta Test”– it’ll be a free one day demonstration seminar in Bangkok, Thailand.   We’ll be doing a few of these “Test” seminars in order to practice and improve the process.  After each one, we’ll meet and discuss ways to improve the lessons, the material, and the presentation.

Our aim is to create the most incredible English learning experience you have ever had!   (I believe in BIG goals!!!)

I’m happy to report that our good friends Noi & Nid will be helping us find a conference room for the seminars, and will also be helping us promote them.  I expect the first free “Beta Test” demonstrations to be small.  This is fine, as it will give us a chance to perfect the process and create something truly outstanding!  I’ll be running the first few seminars myself… then Tomoe will be joining me at the end of January to give me some much needed help!!

We’ll soon be announcing dates and locations for these first seminars in Bangkok.

As a bonus, all seminar participants will gain Forum membership (for life).. so attending a seminar is a great way to join The Power English Club family.

We’ll be continuing the seminars in San Francisco, when we go back home in May.  Once the “English Speaking Breakthrough” process is perfected, we’ll be charging for admission– but I’m not sure how much yet.

I hope to bring the fully developed seminar to Japan this summer (Osaka)– and possibly elsewhere later in the year.

Eventually, possibly next year, we’ll do a “World Tour”!   We also may videotape some seminars and sell the DVDs.

But all that is “down the road” (in the future).   Right now, we’re focused on developing the best English speaking seminar ever– right here in Bangkok, Thailand!

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