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Great English Teachers and Tutors

Posted in Effortless English Show, How To Learn English on March 23 by AJ

How do you find great English teachers, English trainers, tutors, or schools?  How do you find a great English conversation partner? What kind of person will help you succeed? In this Effortless English Show, AJ tells you how to shop for a great teacher.  He discusses the most important qualities of a tutor and how to choose the very best one for you.

There are thousands of English teachers available online. Some are good. Most are average. Many are bad. But only a few are truly great.

As an English learner, you want a great English trainer. A great tutor (or conversation partner) will inspire you. A great teacher will energize you. They will build your confidence. They will improve your fluency. They will make you feel more confident and more relaxed every time you speak English.

Of course, bad English teachers will do the opposite. They’ll make you feel more nervous about speaking. They’ll correct your spoken mistakes so that you constantly hesitate when speaking. They’ll have low energy and you’ll feel bored talking to them.

Choosing an English teacher or conversation partner, therefore, is an important choice.

It’s best to take your time and try several. Shop around. Ask all potential tutors for a trial lesson or two. At a minimum, you should try at least 10 different teachers before you make your final decision. In this way you will get a good feeling for the strengths and weaknesses of each. Good luck!

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