How To Learn English Grammar

How can you learn English grammar naturally?  Can you master English grammar without studying grammar rules?  Can you avoid grammar textbooks?  The answer is yes!

In my opinion, our Point of View Stories are the very best way to learn English grammar intuitively.  They are easy.  They are fun.  They are very effective.

Point of View Stories were first developed by Blaine Ray, the creator of the TPRS learning system.  Blaine used the stories to teach Spanish to his High School students.

I immediately recognized the power of these stories, and decided to modify them for my own teaching system.  Point of View Stories are now a very important part of our Power English System… and they are included in our new Power English Lessons!

As I explain in my 7 Rules email course, Point of View Stories NEVER discuss grammar rules.  You never even learn the names of grammar rules.  Rather, you absorb the grammar naturally by understanding the context of stories.

How does this work?  You start by listening to a main Mini-Story– usually told from the Past point of view.  In other words, the story is mostly about events that happened in the past.

Next, I tell the same story again and again…. each time changing the point of view.  So, for example, you might listen to the same story told from the Present point of view, another told about the future,… and still another that talks about past events that have continued to the present.

Each point of view story is basically the same, but the change in time creates changes in the language used… especially the verbs.

By listening repeatedly to these stories, you easily and naturally absorb the most common and most useful English grammar tenses.   Because you learn them subconsciously and intuitively, you will actually USE them correctly when you speak– and you won’t have to think about it!

At heart, Effortless English is a system for learning spoken English.  We always stress spoken English– and it is always our first goal to improve your English speech.

I know you will enjoy our Point of View stories.  Listen to them a few times every day.  You don’t need to analyze the grammar changes… just notice them and listen to them.