How To Use Our English Lessons

There are two ways to use our English lessons.  One way produces good results. Your English speaking will improve steadily.  The second way produces much better results.  Your English speaking will improve more quickly.

What are these two ways of study?

The first method is basically passive.  Each day, you listen to all of the lessons in one lesson set.  You repeat this every day for one week or more.  For example, if you are studying the lesson set titled “A Kiss”,…  each day you would listen to the Vocabulary Lesson, The Main Article, The MS (more than once).   You would also read the Main Text, and since this lesson set has a MS Transcript, you’d read that too.

Your method would be very relaxed and passive.  Basically, you’d just listen in a calm and easy way.  During the Mini-Story, you wouldn’t answer the questions out loud– though you might think the answers.  You might pause after each question, or you might just listen and not worry about answering.   You’d probably be sitting down while listening.

This is a perfectly acceptable way to use our lessons.

However, there is another way to use them– a way that produces much better results.

This method is extremely active.  Of course, each day you still listen to all of the lessons in one lesson set, you still repeat this every day for one week, etc…

But the way you listen is totally different.  Instead of sitting, you stand.  And you don’t stand normally.  Rather, you stand tall and strong, with your shoulders back, your eyes and chin up…  feeling strong.

As you listen to the lessons, you move your body.  You make gestures that are connected to the meaning of the English you are hearing.  During the Mini-Story you pause after every question and you shout your answer with powerful emotion.  As you shout your answer, you use all of your body and energy.  You move your arms, chest, face, and whole body powerfully.  You consciously have a huge smile on your face during every lesson.

This way of learning feels like a workout!  You pour out your emotion and your energy! You put your entire body into the listening and learning process!   You look like a boxer or a dancer as you listen to the lessons!  When you finish, you feel happy and energized.

Both ways of using our lessons work.  Both will be successful.  But the second method is exponentially more powerful.  Try both methods, on different weeks, and compare the results for yourself!