Join the .1%

You can join the .1% of English speakers! You can be one of the top English speakers in the world. How do you do it? AJ Hoge teaches you the way of the .1% in this Effortless English Show. You learn the biggest challenge you will face as you try to succeed in life. Most people fail because of one key problem. Learn how to solve this problem and achieve great success in all that is important to you.

To be great in life, you must become unusual. Most people (by definition) are usual. Most people are part of “the herd”. Most people use usual methods, do usual things, and have usual beliefs. Therefore, they get usual results. To live your dream life, you must, therefore, be unusual. You must use unusual methods (like Effortless English). You must do unusual things. You must have unusual beliefs.

When you do unusual things and use unusual methods, you become an unusual person! All successful people are unusual! Think about it!

Fear of being unusual is therefore your biggest obstacle to success. You must defeat this fear!

Learn how in this Show.


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