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Learn Real English Available October 26th

Posted in Blog on October 17 by AJ

Great news!

The new Real English Conversation Lessons will be available very soon!

Kristin and Joe start selling them on October 26th.   These are really great lessons–  they use real recorded conversations.  No actors.  No fake speeches.  Only real conversations between real native speakers.

Of course, they use the Effortless English system to help you understand these conversations.  Every Lesson Set includes a Vocabulary Lesson and a Mini-Story lesson.

Even better, every audio lesson has a Text transcript.  This was a big request from our members– so they’re giving it to you!

These fantastic new lessons will sell for the normal price of $99.

However, for only 10 days, they are available at a discount price of only $77!

They will NEVER offer this discount again, so don’t ask.  If you miss it, you must pay the full price.

Again, this is a special offer to my blog, podcast, and newsletter subscribers.  You have just 10 days to get these lessons at the great discount price.  On November 8th at midnight, they raise the price and will never lower it again.

So be ready 🙂

[Disclosure- Effortless English is an affiliate of Learn Real English].

Look for an email from me next week.  It will have a link to the new Real Conversation Lessons. Click that link to get the new lessons.

Good luck!  I know you are going to love these lessons!

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“The Effortless English system helped me to became a confident English speaker and this created for me a lot of opportunities.”  

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