New Power English Conversation Lessons

My new Power English conversation lessons are finished! I’m excited about this Lesson Pack, because it has a lot of great improvements and benefits.

This lesson pack uses the same teaching methods as my Original English Lessons. With these new lessons, however, I have also added material about the “Body” and “Mind” parts of my system. You’ll learn how to use all three parts of the Effortless English System: Body, Mind, and Method.

As I’ve noted before, psychology is 80% of success. In other words, your energy, your motivation, your emotion, and your beliefs are extremely important. If your energy for English conversation is low, you will learn slowly. If you have low motivation, you won’t study often and won’t learn.

But here’s an important question: If you feel tired or bored, how do you change that? How, exactly, do you create high energy and high motivation for English learning? How do you guarantee much faster results?

Of course, you must use the very best learning methods– and you are already doing that when you use my lessons. But to learn as fast as possible, you must create very powerful positive emotions with English. When using the lessons, you must have incredibly high energy and motivation.

In the new Power English lesson pack, I teach you very specific techniques to change your emotions and motivation. Even if you are tired and bored with English, you can completely change your emotions and create powerful emotions and energy– you can choose to have high motivation. I teach you exactly how to do this, step by step.

Power English is the most complete Lesson Pack I have ever made. You’ll master your Body, Mind, and learning Method– while listening to powerful vocabulary, mini-story, and point of view lessons. By using all three parts of the Power English System, you’ll improve faster! Power English includes all of my most powerful teaching techniques to help you speak English fast and automatically. My goal– you speak English automatically, just like a native speaker.

Right now, the lessons are available on our Home Page at: Click here,

Take care and….. Enjoy Your English Learning!