Our Mission

Posted in Blog on August 25 by AJ

Hi. I want to talk a little about the mission of this Club. Why are we here?

First, we are here to support and encourage each other as learners.   When learning anything, there are always times when we feel tired or have doubts.  At those times, we need the support and encouragement of friendly enthusiastic people.   Here, you will find wonderful members who are always willing to encourage and help you.

Second, we are here to connect in friendship, as human beings.   English is a tool for communication and connection.  I feel that The Effortless English Club is a family.  We will always help each other when we can…. in any way we can.   We are here to make true friendships.   Many of our members go beyond these forums:  they connect with each other by email, with Facebook, and with Twitter.  They also talk to each other using Skype.   We have many good friendships here.

Finally, we have a bigger mission.  Unfortunately, the traditional English education industry is terrible.  Most classes are boring.  Worse, many students have very negative experiences in their English classes.  They feel foolish, bored, frustrated, and upset.

My hope is that together, we will change English education all over the world.   English learning can be fun, exciting, and very positive.  English teachers should be making their students feel happy.  They should be teaching their students to LOVE English… and LOVE learning.

I can’t do this alone…  but we all can do this together.   Let’s change the way the world learns English.  Let’s show them that learning and speaking English can be fun, easy, and exciting.  Let’s show them how to connect in friendship, using English.   Let’s show them a better way than the old terrible methods.

That is our mission– together!

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