Pleasure Point

The topic for next month’s VIP Lesson Set is “Pleasure Point”.

In these lessons, I talk about how pleasure is a very important part of leadership.   Too many managers and leaders focus on pain, rules, and punishment.   They are the big boss, and they obsess about getting their “underlings” to follow and obey them.

This is a very limited kind of leadership.   This old style of leadership eventually destroys morale and makes your team resent you.   When they resent you, they will resist your ideas.

But “pleasure point” leadership does exactly the opposite.   This kind of leaderships inspires people to work with you, follow you, and join together.   Morale rises and people work harder for a common goal.

In this upcoming VIP lesson set, I teach you how to use “pleasure point” leadership.   There is a video lesson, and an extra audio commentary too.   Of course,  there is also a mini-story lesson for next month’s set too.  In next month’s VIP Mini-Story lesson, I teach you some fairly advanced grammar.   I think you’ll find that the story helps you learn this complex grammar in a much easier way.  And of course, there is a Point-of-View  Grammar lesson also….   to help you improve your spoken grammar even more.

At the moment, all of these video and audio lessons are finished…. and I have sent them to be transcribed– so that you’ll have the text for all of them.

Look forward to the new VIP lesson coming soon 🙂

Have a great day!

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